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Most Americans Just Want Simple Valentine Dinner

Ever wish your partner could read your mind about what it takes  to enjoy the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner at home? If you’re in search of the ...

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Helping Restaurants with Food Safety Procedures

When you’re tucking into a delicious takeaway, it’s important you can enjoy it in full peace of mind when it comes to food safety and hygiene. Loc...

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Want to eat vegan, where do we go?

Being a vegan, it may not seem to be always easy to eat as a vegan. At times it may turn out to be quite frustrating when you have to eat on the go. I...

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What Are the Potential Disadvantages of Partnering with Third-Party Delivery Companies?

While hiring a third-party delivery service is intended to increase your business’s profits, there are important liability issues to consider. I...

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Delivery platform and restaurants

Restaurants can’t pay 30 percent. It just doesn’t work. To combat this, they should know they have other options, hungryscholarapp charge between ...

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