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Whether you’re a freshman or a senior headed back to campus this fall, one thing is certain—you’ll need to eat. And there is nothing worse than being limited to cafeteria food or taking a chance on expired leftovers in the back of the fridge. Good news hungryscholarapp is here to help. Whether you are running Late for Class ,with hungryscholarapp you can place a scheduled order to arrive after your class ends and meet your courier outside the door.
Midterms, finals—you know they’re coming, yet they always seem to sneak up on you. Brain food is a must to power through hours of memorizing and fact-cramming. With the cafeteria closed, your best option is delivery. No matter what food helps fuel your study sesh, most restaurants are open on hungryscholarapp late.
On Campus for the Holiday Whether it’s an unexpected snowstorm or you’re holding off until January to fly home, you’re staying on campus. But you’re in the holiday spirit and want to host your friends in your dorm. With a variety of cuisine options, you can everyone’s favorite comfort foods. No matter how much you order from one restaurant. You pay the same service fee.
Crashed on the Couch You either stayed out a little too late last night or just don’t feel 100%. Either way, you’re not getting off the couch. You can order anything from soup to lemon chicken, So you can get back chilling out in no time

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