Benefit of food investments in workplace

Food is one of the simplest ways to reward your employees for their hard work and loyalty. Celebrating an employee’s birthday? Grab a cake! Surpass a major team goal? Plan a catered lunch in the office. Having a company all-hands meeting? Order dinner for your employees. At any major personal or professional milestone, good food and company usually come hand-in-hand—and for good reason!

Treating your employees to catered meals or the occasional sweet treat is a great way to delight and engage your employees. Aside from giving them something delicious to snack on, office food lets you acknowledge your employees’ big accomplishments and show them that you care. Some companies have reported increased company loyalty and team morale as a result of having free food in the office.

Offering free food can even benefit you as an employer. If employees have access to food at work, they don’t have to step out of the office to grab a bite to eat and can get back to their desks faster. If you offer dinner, many employees end up sticking around in the office later than usual, which can increase productivity. Offering healthy food is just one way to ensure your employees are happy and healthy at work. Be sure you’re prioritizing work-life balance too to prevent employee burnout.Looking to boost engagement in your office, Hungryscholarapp offer variety of food to choose from.

Muffins on Mondays

Nothing helps beat a case of the Mondays like carbs! Getting an assortment of muffins and cream cheese delivered to the office is a great way to kick off the week and give your employees something to look forward to. It’s also a great way to encourage your employees to socialize in the mornings and catch up with their colleagues after the weekend. If you have new employees start on Mondays, it’s a great way to welcome them to the team and kick off their onboarding session.

Reaching Milestones

Whether your company crushed its sales goals, acquired a record number of new clients, or has an upcoming anniversary, it’s important to celebrate big company milestones with your employees. The best way to celebrate? Doughnuts, cupcakes, wine and beer—have a special treat delivered to the office by hungryscholarapp.


In a similar way, if your team has a cause for celebration consider blocking off an hour on everyone’s calendar and order lunch for the team. It gives everyone an excuse to step away from their desks and acknowledge all of their hard work.


Having food in the office for major holidays is a great way to give back to your employees and make an average day in the office a little special. To help your employees get in the holiday spirit, consider catering fun, relevant treats to the office, like dumplings for Chinese New Year, heart cookies for Valentine’s day, or a bunch of pies for the Fourth of July.

Having food in the office is the perfect way to spice up an otherwise normal day in the office. From surprising your employees with an unexpected treat to catering an office event from hungryscholarapp, having food in the office can boost employee morale and bring your team together.

Luckily, ordering food to the office doesn’t have to be a logistical nightmare. Thanks to food delivery services like hungryscholarapp, finding and ordering quality food and drinks to your office is easy and painless. Keeping your employees engaged, happy is good thing for your business.

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