Month: November 2019

Hungryscholarapp Order Tracking System

  It might seem like a simple action when a customer clicks a button to place an order using hungryscholarapp — but it actually sparks a comple...

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Helping Restaurants with Food Safety Procedures

When you’re tucking into a delicious takeaway, it’s important you can enjoy it in full peace of mind when it comes to food safety and hygiene. Loc...

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Need Food Delivered, simply use hungryscholarapp

The world is an incredibly busy place that never seems to slow down. When was the last time you were able to really relax? When was the last time you ...

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Schedule Food delivery and Have fun on Your Terms!

A long day at work can be stressful. Sometimes you need something to brighten up your day and break up a boring routine. At hungryscholarapp, we’re ...

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